Q3 Market Commentary

30 September, 2017

While Trump’s tweets and North Korea’s threats keep unnerving investor sentiment, I encourage you to focus on corporate earnings which are the ultimate driving force behind the direction of the stock market. According to researcher ‘Factset’, U.S. co... Read More

Market Commentary – Canadian Dollar – Market Impact

24 July, 2017

Since May 3rd, 2017, there has been a reversal in the long-term deterioration in the value of the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar.  Since bottoming at just under $0.72 USD on that date, the Canadian dollar has gained over 9.3% to bring it... Read More

Q2 Market Commentary

30 June, 2017

Although off from the recent peak valuations from earlier in the quarter, your portfolio has still advanced 0.8% from Q1 (March 31, 2017).... Read More

2017 First Quarter Market Commentary

8 May, 2017

Though global equity markets traded sideways in March, they ended the first quarter with a gain of 5.2%. We like the fact that most equity markets have been driven by earnings growth rather than P/E expansion so far in 2017, making the current rally... Read More

2016 Year-End Market Commentary

16 March, 2017

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2016 Year-End Market Commentary: 2016 was a year like a good suspense film, full of plot twists, unexpected events, with alternating emotions of joy and anguish.... Read More

3rd Quarter Commentary

18 October, 2016

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Never in the 250-year modern history of Western culture, with the exception of the communist states, has government intervention played such a large role in the valuation of financial assets.... Read More

Keeping Your Portfolio Out of the Critical Care Unit

9 November, 2015

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'Buy and hold' - we have heard this axiom as the only solution to successful investing for decades, and it has gradually gained wide acceptance by the investment industry, the media, and investors. It was meant to keep investors from constantly trying... Read More

Will You have Enough to Retire?

30 September, 2015

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Financial & Investment Guidance for Doctors S P E A K E R John Soutsos, CIM® EPC, Investment Advisor IPC Securities Corporation - 29 year investment-industry veteran Former co-host of ‘The Power and Money Show’ on AM640    WHEN Tuesday, October 13th,... Read More

IPC Private Wealth - 2015 Second Quarter Market Commentary

9 September, 2015

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Weak Quarter, but Strong Six Months for the Markets At the halfway mark of 2015, investors were absorbing news from Greece, the impact of a growing bubble in China’s equity market, slower U.S. growth, and on-going geo-political events across the globe... Read More

From the Portfolio Management Desk: The Recent News from Greece

9 July, 2015

There has been a lot of speculation over the past few years about Greece’s ability to pay its debt, and its future with respect to its membership in the European Union. The most recent news out of Greece has further fuelled the speculation. On July 5... Read More